Overseas buyers, an increase of 20%, twenty-second of the town lights Fair successful ending! The source of origin, to show the world the charm of the bright lights!

Optimization of origin roots, stimulate the vitality of the lighting industry. 10 22-26, 22 China – Guzhen International Lighting Fair, in leading the way, brought together the elite and popular full, the whole industry chain coverage, accurate matching, intimate service trade exhibition of new heights, successful ending!

As the industry leader, the exhibition based on the "Chinese lighting capital – Guzhen Town of ultra billion lighting production and trade of industrial clusters, hold lighting roots, stimulate industrial activity.

The logo, lead the industry

As the reform and opening up 40th anniversary, with "The Belt and Road" initiative to continue to promote, countries and regions along the professional audience like bamboo shoots after a spring rain is increasing. The town lights fair number of viewers a new high, the main venue and 7 venue in

As to the mayor said "we will adhere to the Convention and exhibition economy, leading the development of new industries, adhere to the quality of Guzhen Lighting brand, leading the industry's core competitiveness, accelerate the protection of intellectual property rights, promote the upgrading and development of Guzhen lighting, in wider and wider areas and higher level participation in international cooperation, optimize the allocation of resources, construction integration a world-class Bay area.

Focus on brand, one-stop precise docking

Town manufacturing exhibition attracted, spirit of science, Buddha, Knox, SF, Xin Quanli and other famous enterprises together, with the most creative stage lighting products and advanced technology of Sony's competition.

The General Assembly invited Eastern Europe, South Korea and Vietnam high quality professional buyers come to purchase, spend lots of money to build "global buyers", the procurement needs accurate matching exhibitors, promote resource and demand docking.

Smart outlet, original strength

By Chinese Lighting Appliance Association and the Guzhen Town People’s Government jointly organized the “2018 China International Lighting Design Competition” and the award ceremony in the evening of 21, pulled down the curtain. Contest were collected from various lighting enterprises and design colleges work a total of 651 pieces, the final selection of the physical and creative class two categories of 43 winners.

With Qilang, Genisi, Jiayuan Huating, Sunto lighting such as a public enterprise led by the original design, personalized, customized, display module, mainstream original product diversification, the full range of China lighting to interpret the wisdom and creativity of the frontier.

Especially from the town town government and Zhongshan Polytechnic jointly organized the Guzhen Lighting showcase of the school, teachers and students of original works, because his unique novel, highly creative, have visited lights Fair Italy Politecn Milan Dean POLI.design Matteo Ingaramo even even praised.

The wisdom of the Internet of things, the whole house intelligent lights, has become a major highlight of the exhibition. Through Bluetooth, voice, switch, APP, will upgrade the traditional lighting system for intelligent Home Furnishing cloud intelligent lamp. Such as the Jingdong to join PHILPS, Matsushita, millet smart furniture lighting system; intelligent voice scene Huayi lighting control; the whole house custom VR service platform, the Goldman of Qilang lighting electrical WIFI integrated system, the whole house Home Furnishing intelligent lighting, to the town lights Fair which covers the whole industry chain of the diversified international lighting lamps add a new procurement platform.

4, industrial robot technology, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and new materials technology is causing a new revolution, automation, digital and personalized products, has become a trend, the trend of the pursuit of the boom exhibition.

In addition, the street will be the great wisdom of "change" the main force, equipped with a variety of functions of temperature and humidity, wind, PM2.5, intelligent positioning chip, HD smart cameras, sparked concern.

Guzhen Fair has been devoted to the development of the market potential, leading the industry trend. During the exhibition, more than 20 high-end forums, the procurement section of promotional activities, the new conference have staged.

The twenty-second session of the town lights Fair based on the lighting source of origin, into the Guangdong Bay area, to create the original design heights, innovation driven industrial development strategy to create "Guzhen Lighting" regional brand, bright is professional, market-oriented, brand and internationalization of Lighting Procurement harvest feast. This has been a successful ending, in March 18, 2019, the twenty-third session of the China – Guzhen International Lighting Fair and you meet, Guzhen, spring feast, Be There Or Be Square!

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