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A cattle prod, also called a stock prod, is a handheld device commonly used to make cattle or other livestock move by striking or poking them. An electric cattle prod is a stick with electrodes on the end which is used to make cattle move through a relatively high-voltage, low-current electric shock. The electric cattle prod is said to have been invented by Texas cattle baron Robert J. Kleberg, Jr.[1][2] of the King Ranch around 1930, although versions were sold as early as 1917.(From Wikipedia)

Cattle Prods animal control products from Greatbulltrade
A greatbulltrade cattle prod, also called a stock prod, is a handheld device commonly used to make cattle or other livestock move by striking or poking them, or in the case of a Hot-Shot-type prod, through a relatively high-voltage, low-current electric shock.

PRODUCT                                                              Full Length                                                           POWERED BY                                                              SHAFT                                                              RECHARGEABLE  

Rechargeable cattle prod                                         91cm

LED Rechargeable cattle prod                                95cm

Portable hand-held electric cattle prod

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