Animal Dehorner Kit Fast Heating Cattle Head Airgun Type Calf Chamfer Electric Iron Ceramic Bloodless Angle Devices for Lamb Calf

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1. It is good for management, especially for grazing cattle. To a certain extent, Ensure the safety of the keepers .
2. Dehorned calf or lamb will need small area for the feeding, which is an important management measure to raise the density of dairy cows.
3. Dehorned calf or lamb will be docile and increase the economic benefits of farmers. If the calf or lamb with horn, they will damage each other, which leading to loss of appetite, decreased milk production.
When to do the dehorning?
Suitable for baby cattle and sheep 15-70 days of age.
Early dehorn is less harmful to operation, less bleeding, and reduces the risk of infection to a minimum.
The method of dehorning?
1. Preheating the dehorner 10-15 minutes, then remove the power supply.
2. Two people lay off their calves to keep their heads from moving.
3. First, find the bean-shaped angular bulge region and use the preheated dehorner gently moving on the horn until the part area has scab and horn root change color (about 3 to 5 seconds)
4. In the days after the operation, should pay attention to the protection of the operation department, so as to avoid the mechanical friction of the skin. If the skin is touched off, use the electrocautery to stop bleeding again.   

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