Are you still driving pigs in a traditional way?(1)

Traditional way

I believe people who know how to catch pigs know that catching pigs is a very complicated and complicated effort. With the high demand for pig driving efficiency, pig sticks have gradually entered the sight of animal husbandry friends. But after all, the new product is a new product, with insufficient electricity, unstable power, poor quality, poor waterproof effect and other quality problems, which make users complain a lot.


Catch the pig is a learning problem! Many pig farmers have this feeling. When a pig turns to sell a pig, the pig is always disobedient, and even a few people need to be dispatched, which is very laborious.

In the process of driving pigs, cattle and sheep, we should adopt the following methods for individual animals that are hard to catch up with.

①:During the turnover of the sows to the bed, some sows are not willing to leave the pregnancy cage. If the use of violence or mandatory methods to drive away will make the sow panic, increase the possibility of stillbirth and miscarriage of the sow, treat the sow After being quiet, use the rope to cover the sow’s mouth and pull it out slowly, and slowly guide it out of the pregnancy cage.

②:When the sows and old boars are eliminated, they are often driven out on the passages. When they are out of the pigs, they will not listen and refuse to get on the train. The sows or boars that are eliminated are usually larger, and they can’t work with sticks and brute force. A bamboo basket or bucket can be used to cover the pig’s head to block the line of sight. The pig will not see the front and will naturally retreat. This will drive the pig upside down.

③:Some sows have a strong maternal nature, especially for primiparous sows and sows with early weaning. It is very difficult to remove them. Grab 2 to 3 piglets in the birthing house and put them in a plastic basket. Put the plastic basket in front of the sow. When the piglet’s cry causes the sow to pay attention, remove the plastic basket slowly, so that the sow can be removed. Lead to the empty house.

In order to solve the problem of raising pigs hard for households, many people in the industry have moved their minds. In the past two years, a “pig driving artifact” has appeared in the market. Some readers wonder what the pig driving device is .

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