Are you still driving pigs in a traditional way?(2)

Using catch pig,electric cattle prod can help improve efficiency: reduce labor.

Electric pig catching principle

Electric shock to catch pigs is achieved by using the principle of low current stimulation that does not harm the animal.

Features of electric cattle prod:

1. Batteries are easy to disassemble, and can be charged directly without disassembly. 10000 mA large battery, charge once, discharge for a long time.

2, the best-selling pig and artifact sold in Europe and America is called “the father of pig catching pig”. The key position of the handle is made of frosted material, and the battery seat is embedded, and it can be unloaded according to the switch.

3. The pole is made of high-end PVC material with high toughness and bending resistance. It can be bent at 180 C and will not be easily broken.

4. The inside of the handle is precise and durable. It will not be damaged when landing from 1 m to 1 m 5.

5, the product has a certain waterproof property, can be used in rainy days, and there is no water on the pig body.

Advantage of electric pig catch

Compared with traditional pig driving and pig driving, electric pig catch pig has advantages of effortless, no bending, moisture resistance, long life, safety and high efficiency.

Charging method for electric pig driver

Unique independent charging seat, unload the battery base and plug it in to charge, which is convenient and safer.

Usage of electric pig catch device

1. Tighten the nut on the shaft to the nut handle.

2. Remove the safety clip from the trigger button and tie the tie on the wrist.

3. The metal head above the axle should be used to contact the part of the animal to be shocked. It is better to press the button to release it quickly and give short shocks.

4. It is suggested to reduce the use of electric stimulation. Electric stimulation to animals with water on their bodies will enhance the stimulation and use cautiously.

What you are most concerned about is:

Q: Is it bad for the pig?

Answer: the pig hog manufactured according to the strict safety standard parameters will not hurt the pigs. The output current of the normal pig is very small, less than 1 mA, so the pigs will not be injured when they drive the pigs.

Q: when pigs catch pigs, what is the high voltage discharge sound sometimes produced by pig body?

Answer: As in autumn and winter, when we change sweaters, we produce electrostatic effect. These classics often have more than 10,000 volts of voltage, but the electrostatic discharge current is very weak, so we just feel a little pain. Similarly, the current of pig catch is only about 0.8 ma current, so pigs feel the pain and not hurt.

Q: is pig catch safe for users? Is it possible for the user to get an electric shock?

Answer: Safety! As long as the switch is pressed without touching the metal tip, the user is safe.

Q: can pig catch be used on rainy days?

Answer: Pig drier can be used on rainy days. When it is used, it can be dried and dried in a wind dryer. It is not recommended to use pig catch in a rainy day or heavy rain for a long time.


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